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You can redesign the look of your home by only making a few small changes. One of the top 10 best smart ceiling fan with LED in 2021 can make big changes in small ways.

These ceiling fans come with the best technology can give them. Those features make your rooms a lot easier to be in. Plus, they complement your room’s look making it better without spending a lot of money to redesign the room

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List Of Top 10 Best Smart ceiling fan with LED in 2021

10. Westinghouse Lighting Indoor DC Motor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Lighting

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Get 72 inches of air circulation once you turn this smart fan on. Equipped with a frosted light, you can dim the brilliance and make the room a little more romantic. A 17 1/2 watt LED bulb provides you with 100 watt light while conserving energy.

After you install it in a 225 square foot room or smaller, you should get great airflow t=all the time the fan is turned on. The pedestal support keeps the blades from hitting the ceiling as they turn.

On top of that, the remote control provides you access to the 6 fan speeds, the power button, dimmer switch, and even the reverse function. That lets you get a comfortable room all year round.

9. Modern Forms Lotus Indoor/Outdoor Smart Fan

Modern Forms FR-W1809-54L-MW

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Once you install this smart fan where you want it, you can get a cooling breeze inside your home or outside. Where you locate it is up to you and its 54-inch blades will handle the task without complaint.

Plus, the silent motor should not disturb your quiet time, television watching, or your conversations. In addition to that, you can connect to Modern Forms and download their app. This app handles the power and other features built into this smart fan.

Or you can put a manual switch on the wall to do the same thing. Also, you can connect to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Nest, and other smart home apps to make this fan work with your situation.

8. Star Fans Star 7 Smart ceiling fan with LED

Star Fans Star 7

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Bring a little contemporary or post-modern influence to your home. This ceiling fan is very basic in design yet it adds a lot to your home. Its 3 52 inch blades reach out into the room to make sure the cool air up there is driven down to you.

After you get the fan installed, you can access its features through the included remote control. With 6 fan speeds to choose from, your comfort levels should go up remarkably. The motor only uses 68 watts of power.

On top of that, you can link up with both Bond and Alexa to make using this fan a lot simpler and easier. You will need 14 inches of space with the light and only 13 without it.

7. Kichler Lighting Mediterranean Walnut Indoor Ceiling Fan

Kichler Lighting 52-in

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Bring the exotic Middle East or Europe to your home with this Mediterranean designed ceiling fan. Once installed, its 52-inch blades make sure your home stays comfortable all year round.

The uniquely designed fan blades move the air quickly and are controlled by the included remote control. You stay in control of your fan all the time setting the light and the motor speeds to your preference.

Also, the included LED light uses an etched glass design to add a little more mystique to your home. Its light bulb should only use about 14 watts approx but gives you enough light to see everything in your room clearly The mount is long enough to protect your ceiling from any blade accidents that may happen.

6. 7PM 42 Inch Retractable Ceiling Fans

7PM 42 Inch Retractable

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This beautiful smart ceiling fan adds a touch of grandeur to your home. Its chandelier look brightens any home and makes you look like you are worth millions. Then with the retractable blades, you can use different lengths to move the air.

When extended the acrylic blades reach 42 u=inches. Then when retracted, they measure 21. Also, the 60 watts LED light can be adjusted between 2700k to 6000k with the touch of your remote. Another touch will change the fan speed.

Its versatility allows you to place this fan and chandelier combination in just about any room you want to class up. Some assembly is necessary to get this smart ceiling fan ready for placement. Extension and retraction of the blades are done automatically by the fan through the on and off button.

5. Rivet Modern Ceiling Flush Mount Fan

Rivet Modern Remote

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The 3 fan blades on this smart ceiling fan come in a traditional style. There wood grained look is bound to add a little upgrade to your room’s look. Then the brass fixture adds a little antique influence to your decor.

Plus, the 52-inch blades move the air through one of the 3 built-in fan speeds. You set the speed as well as turn the light on or off. The LED light uses only about 18 watts to light up your room.

Then the included remote control handles all the power, speed, and light duties. Just let your fingers do the walking across your remote to get the feature you want. This smart fan is easy to use.

4. Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove Espresso Bronze Ceiling Fan

Home Decorators

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Get a little relief from that hot dry summer air by installing this top-rated ceiling fan in your covered patio. The 72-inch blades will create a cooling breeze so you can relax and enjoy the summer evening.

On top of that, this fan should handle a 400 square foot room with ease. Indoors or out, you get great airflow once you turn this ceiling fan on. Then the dome style light makes sure you can see who you are talking to or what you are doing.

With 8 blades on this ceiling fan, you should have no shortage of cooling airflow. The included remote handles the light, the dimming, and the speed. Batteries for the remote are included.

3. Fanaway Classic Retractable Indoor Ceiling Fan

Fanaway 212928010 Classic

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When you do not need the fan on, the 4 blades will retract. This feature not only keeps them out of the way but protects them from any accidents that may occur in your home. Then the nickel color design should complement your room after it is installed.

In addition to those features, you get a fan with 48-inch fan blades to move your air around. Plus, you can use the remote control to access the 3 fan speeds or the included wall mount. It is your choice how to turn this ceiling fan on.

3 40 watts LED light bulbs to put light on any subject n the room. They should not use a lot of energy as they make sure the room is lit to where you like it.

2. Haiku Home L Series 52″ Smart Ceiling Fan

Haiku Home L Series

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This uniquely designed smart ceiling fan will upgrade any room you place it in. Its wide fan blades band overall design join together to give your room a very elegant and modern look.

Once you have installed this ceiling fan with LED lights, you get a recessed light that brings 16 light settings with it. After it is installed, you can connect this fan to Alexa and use your voice to get it going or to stop it.

Also, this smart ceiling fan works best in a 15 by 15 square room. That is about 225 square feet of coverage. It is a simple but elegantly designed ceiling fan that should meet your cooling needs.

1. Haiku Home L Series Smart Ceiling Fan

Haiku Home L Series 52

Get it now on Alpha XR

Good guys wear black as well as bad guys and this is a good guy-smart ceiling fan. Once you take it out of the box and install it, the 52-inch fan blades can go to work. The black color lets it blend into your surroundings and does not clash with any color.

With Alexa compatibility, your voice is the only thing this fan needs to start, stop, or light up your room. On top of that, you can use this ceiling fan in extreme temperatures, hot or cold.

For best results, you will want to use it in a 225 square foot room or smaller. Then when it is ready, you have 16 light settings to choose from.


Getting your room cooler and more comfortable throughout the year is not as difficult as it once was. One of the top 10 best smart ceiling fans with LED in 2021 make sure of that.

You get voice control, remote access, and a lot of large fan blades to keep your room the way you like it. Plus, you can use some of them indoors or outside. That versatility improves your home’s value while letting you have great airflow during those hot summer evenings.

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