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You need to put light on your videos. To do that, you need one of the top 10 best-LED video lights with remote control in 2022 to help you. You can light up your surroundings with these top-quality video lights to make sure you get the best possible images.

Plus, they work with a remote control so you can adjust them even from across the room. When you go with the best, your videos should turn out sharper, better lit, and look just great.

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List Of Top 10 Best Led video light with Remote Control in 2022

10. Godox LED Video Light With Remote Control

Godox SL-60W LED

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Large-sized LED chips make sure you get a lot of light on your subject. With up to 60 watts of power, your shooting scene should be as bright as day. With a color index of over 95 and an RC and TLCI rating of over 90 for both, your studio should not have any shadows bothering it.

In addition to that, you get two specialized covers, 2 sets of folding legs, and 2 umbrella reflectors to make sure you light the area up correctly. Then with the included remote control, you can alter your settings with a push of a button.

Everything about these lights is easy including their operation. Your videos should also turn out a lot better because you used the right video lights.

9. Godox White Version LED Video Light

Godox SL-100W

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4 differently colored filters help you use this 100 watt, 5600k video light creatively. You can be innovative with your lighting because you have the proper tools at your disposal. The blue, red, yellow, and green filters give you lots of lighting options to choose from.

Once set up you will receive a color index of 90+ and an R9 rating of over 60. Plus, a specialized light cover protects your LED light to make sure it can serve you well for years to come.

The handy remote lets you alter your settings without breaking a sweat. All you need to do is push the right button to get the light effect you want. A built-in fan keeps the light from overheating.

8. GVM RGB Video Lights

GVM 150W RGB Video Lights

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With 3200 to 5600k lighting to work with you can create some top videos. Then with the RGB feature and the remote control, you can control the color special effect to give your videos the atmosphere and mood they need to be perfect.

Also, the 150 watts LED light provides you with about 21,000 lumens as well as a 95+ color index rating. A built-in fan makes sure your light does not overheat at the wrong time. It helps the light to keep its cool.

On top of all that, the light’s U-shaped stand lets you adjust it to a variety of positions. Its 360-degree rotation means you only have to move the light not the stand as well.

7. Switti Dimmable Bi-Color 600 Beads LED Video Light

2 Packs Dimmable

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With 45 watts you can light up a room in no time. That is how powerful this twin pack of video lights with a remote is. The 600 pieces of LED light chips bring you between 3000 to 8000k of light in a moment.

All you need to do to throw light on your subject is to use the wireless remote. Its buttons give you complete access to all the features built into these LED video lights. In addition, the automatic cooling system works hard to keep these video lights from overheating.

An included adapter lets you save your batteries for when you are on location. And the adjustable light stands make sure you get the right lighting angles to keep the shadows away.

6. Yidoblo RGBW LED Soft Video Light Panel

Yidoblo RGBW LED

Get it now on Alpha XR

Having light brightness options is always a good thing when it comes to photography and videos. This pair of LED video lights give you brightness options from 2,800 to 10,000k. More than enough to handle your lighting demands.

Then along with that set of choices, you can choose to use the manual power control panel or the remote control to get the lighting you need at the moment. Either way, you remain in complete command of your lighting. A phone app also lets you use your cell phone as a remote.

On top of that, the RGBW options let you adjust the color scheme to make sure your subject is lit properly. The adjustable light stand allows you some fine-tuning options to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be.

5. Aputure COB 300D Mark II 300D II Led Video Light

Aputure COB 300D Mark

Get it now on Alpha XR

A U shaped light stand provides you with rotation and angle options. That makes your lighting time go a lot smoother and a lot easier. The simple adjustment knobs make sure you can put your light in the right position with little effort.

Along with 5500k, you get 8 pre-programmed lighting effects to help you illuminate your subject like an expert. The handy remote control handles all the adjustments you need to make without complaint. Just push the button and the alteration has been made.

A built-in control box provides you with manual control over this light’s features including the cooling fan needs. When not needed, the carrying case protects the light when it is not in use.

4. GVM LED Video Light

GVM LED Video Light Dimmable

Get it now on Alpha XR

Almost 900 LED light beads to drive the shadows and darkness away from your studio. Combined, these LED light beads bring you between 2300to 6800k power. With 3 video lights in this set, you should not have any trouble with light conditions.

Also, you can set these lights up in a variety of ways including a slave master relationship. Then their memory systems can remember up to 4 groups of color temperatures and their brightness.

The built-in control panel or the handy wireless remote lets you pick and choose what you need that day. After you have to take your video, the adjustable light stand can help you move the lighting to meet the requirements of your next shot… Top videos need top LED video lights like this set.

3. GVM Great Video Maker LED Video Light

LED Video Light GVM 672S

Get it now on Alpha XR

When it comes to making films or videos, lighting is one of the most important factors you need to pay special attention to. The wrong lighting can ruin a video faster than a bad plot.

These lights bring about 630 LED light pieces and3200 to 5600k brightness to your video to make sure you get the right light on your subject. Also, the adjustable stands help you get the correct angles you need to produce a top video.

With the remote control and built-in control panel, you can operate these lights in a number of different ways. Then when you are done for the day, the carrying case protects your equipment so it can be used another day. Keeping your lights protected make sure you have the brightness you need when you need it.

2. Aputure On-Camera Photographic Lighting

Aputure LS C120D

Get it now on Alpha XR

Don’t let low light conditions spoil your next video. When the sun goes down and shadows start to appear, whip out this light to brighten your area and drive those shadows away. This 180 watts LED light bulb will handle that task without any problems.

On top of that, you are getting roughly 30,000 lumens once you turn this light on. Then with 5 pre-programmed positions, you can find the right angle in no time. The adjustable U-shaped light stand adds its contribution to your video masterpiece by making sure you get 360-degree rotation./

Plus, the remote control lets you make slight adjustments without using up a lot of energy. A push of a button and you should be ready for your next video sequence.

1. Aputure Daylight Balanced Led Video Light

Aputure COB 300D LS

Get it now on Alpha XR

The carrying case may be the star that outshines this top-rated video light. It comes with a variety of pockets to make sure your light and all its equipment remain safe and sound. Once you need the light, you just unzip the case and pull out what you need. The carrying case will protect your equipment 24 7 if need be.

In addition to that feature, you get an LED video light that produces a lot of brightness without even trying very hard. Up to 48,000 lumens are at your fingertips.

An included smart fa handles the cooling duties on its own, making the right adjustments to keep the light from losing its cool.


Photography and video making can be one of the most rewarding hobbies known to mankind. It can be relaxing, take you to exotic locations or even under the sea. To help you produce those great videos are these top 10 best-LED video lights with remote in 2022.

When you have your lighting correct, then your videos should turn out better than ever. The only thing you will need to fix is the acting and the script.

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