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You should get concerned if your junior kid is in the early stages of learning gymnastics. It’s a sport that’s involving and requires a lot of mastering. Gymnastics involves controlled movements, jumps, swings, and turn upside down. Although it’s a highly enjoyable and entertaining activity, it can get risky. To encourage, help, and guide your youngster in mastering the game, you should buy him/her one of the best gymnastics bars.

Choosing the best gymnastic bars for the junior athlete can prove difficult. It’s a specialized sports equipment requiring proper design, materials, and build-up. You want a quality gym equipment that will advance the young gymnast skills while offering comfort and safety. The market also offers many types of bars such that choosing one among the similar many is not easy.

To help you out, we have undertaken a comprehensive study of the gymnastic bar products in the market. We looked into the material quality, design, construction, and customer testimonials. Out of that research, we have come up with the following best ten products.

List of Top 10 Best Junior Training Gymnastics Bars for Kids In 2021 Reviews

10. Tumbl Trak Expandable Gymnastics Training Jr Kip Bars

10 Tumbl Trak Expandable Gymnastics Training Jr Kip Bar

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This’s one of the best gymnastics training equipment for your young child to enhance his/her athletic career. It’s a well-designed bar coming with some of the best materials and features. It has a superior design with well-rounded corners and a flat steel bait for maximum confidence, comfort, and safety while training.

The bar gets constructed with high-quality steel material finished with a smooth powder coating making it durable and beautiful. It’s designed for easy movements with an adjustable height from 38 to 56 inches using spring pin knobs. To take care of the kid’s growth factor, the bar has an optional stability weight extension from 75 to 125 pounds.

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9. Milliard Professional Gymnastics Kip Bars, Height Adjustable

9 Milliard Professional Gymnastics Kip Bar, Height Adjustable

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If you want a rock-solid gymnastic bar equipment for your child’s home use, select this Milliard product. It has safety, steady support, and stabilization. Built with high premium-grade steel, it offers you toughness and durability. The bar features maple fiberglass to take up weights while flexibly performing gymnastic moves.

It’s suitable for youngsters ranging from 2.5 to 5.5 feet tall and with weights of up to 140 pounds. It can go to a low 35 inches and a high 57 inches with an interval of 10 between. It finally comes with two sticker sheets that allow you to decorate and personalize making it more fun.

8. Z Athletic Expandable Bars for Gymnastics, Multiple Colors

8 Z Athletic Expandable Kip Bar for Gymnastics, Multiple Colors

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Best for kids on gymnast level 3 to 4, the Z Athletic games equipment offers you convenient and comfortable training at home. It’s built with sturdy fiberglass rail and steel legs, both able to take up pull-down weights of up to 300 pounds and usage limit of 120 pounds.

You can adjust the height from 36 to 58 inches to make it available for multiple heights and ages. Assembling is quite easy as it has 10 bolts and less and requiring only a wrench.

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7. Z-Athletic Expandable Kip Bar & Mat Packages

7 Z-Athletic Expandable Kip Bar & Mat Packages

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This’s an improved version of the Z-Athletic Kip bar series coming with a pull-down weight of 300 pounds and a limit usage of 120 pounds. The pin-lock mechanism easily allows you to adjust the bar height from 36-58 inches to take care of different heights and ages.

You can easily assemble it as you only require a wrench to remove and tighten the less than 10 bolts. It has strong welded supports for better stabilization and making fewer movements.

6. SHIWEI Gymnastics Training Bars-Horizontal Bar for Kids

6 SHIWEI Gymnastics Training Bar-Horizontal Bar for Kids

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You will surely take your child’s gymnastic skills to the highest level using this Shiwei bar. It highly sturdy and stable bar as constructed with heavy-duty material including a 1.5 thickness stainless steel arm, 2.0mm thick steel base tube, and double locking mechanism.

The bar made of fiberglass and finished with wood finish of Non-slip Synthetic quality gives you a perfect grip. It can take up a maximum weight of 230 pounds. It also has height adjustability from 3-5 inches with ten height options and is easily assembled.

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5. Gymnastics Bars, Very Sturdy From Gym2dance

5 Gymnastics Bars, Very Sturdy From Gym2dance

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This sleek-looking and sturdy bar are built for young professional gymnasts especially those in schools. It’s made with double ultra-thick and steel tie plates and rubber pads for maximum safety.

The vertical bases are fitted with well welded triangular stabilizer plates for total sturdiness. You can adjust it from 3 to 5 inches to take care of different ages and heights.

4. Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Gymnastics Bars

4 Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Gymnastics Bar

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The TUMBL Trak Junior is a versatile gymnastic equipment that can get used by all ages and game level. It’s a home use equipment with expert craftsmanship that provides well-rounded corners for safety and confidence.

It has a large 4 by 6 feet floor stamp making it highly stable. It’s a strong and nice looking equipment built with 1 inch solid wood bar and steel construction finished with tough and powder-coated finish. It has only six knobs and 4 bolts giving it an easy assembly.

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3. Nimble Sports Horizontal Bar, Folding Gym Mat

3 Nimble Sports Horizontal Bar, Folding Gym Mat

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This’s a great and comfortable gymnastics bar for juniors. Its horizontal bar has a height of 4 feet and the base has 4 feet width. The folding mat is highly comfortable as it’s made with 1 inch thick foam all rounded with 18-ounce vinyl that’s durable.

The wood dowel has a diameter of 1 inch and the bar’s maximum pull down weight is 300 pounds. The vinyl cover comes as mildew, fire, and puncture-resistant.

2. Pink Horizontal, Folding Mat Balance Beam Combo Gym Set

2 Pink Horizontal Bar, Folding Mat Balance Beam Combo Gym Set

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A beautiful gymnastic set is this Joom Beem’s product with a purple and pink beam, mat and a horizontal bar. It features solid steel with a beautiful pink oxide coating. The beam offers you low balance action as it has dimensions of 8 by 4 by 6 inches.

It’s constructed using lightweight wood composite for easy maneuvering. The beam top gets covered with 3/8 non-slip foam padding and steel braces coated with black oxide. You can make adjustments to the horizontal bar to 36, 42,48,54,60 inches depending on preference.

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1. Nimble Sports Purple Junior Adjustable Horizontal Bar

1 Nimble Sports Purple Junior Adjustable Horizontal Bar

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The Nimble Sports gymnastics equipment offers junior gymnasts the ultimate sporting equipment. It has a horizontal bar ranging from 3 to 5 feet high with adjustments at 36, 42, 48, 54, and 60 inches. The wood dowel comes with a diameter of 11/2, a base of four feet wide, adjustable lock bolts, and rubber base caps. The maximum weight the bar can hold is 300 pounds with lower weight limits depending on skills.


All the above-reviewed gymnastics bars meet all the set standards for efficient training, comfort, and safety. As mentioned above, you need to go through the specifics of each to see whether it meets with your requirements. If you require more details click on the given links.

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