1.Gauss RX gerenator is mainly used in:

1)Atmosphere protection during annealing and quenching of steel mainly prevents decarburization or carburization of the workpiece.

  • Spheroidization of Cold Pier Steel Wire ;
  • Spheroidizing Annealing of Precision Steel Pipe for Automobile;
  • Quenching of Spring Steel Wire

2)The basic carrier gas used in chemical heat treatment of steel, such as carburizing/carbonitriding, is mainly used to quickly establish carbon potential balance and precisely control carbon potential. It can be widely used in heat treatment process control of various automotive parts.

  • Gas carburizing
  • Gas Carbonitriding
  • Protective atmosphere quenching
  • Sinter hardening


Do you have following concerns and problems in your process control?Process recipe does not change; Temperature control is good stabilization; Carbon potential which is calculated from oxygen probe mV looks like good;? Mechanical part of furnace seems good ,but: The pats which had treated is unstable,That is:Layer depth changes; Carbide level differs; Surface C% is over rang;Seriously,lots of carbon soot appear in furnace chamber。
Why is this? The mainly reason:Carbon potential from CP controller seems constant and good ,however the carburizing atmosphere ‘s composition is changing. This will cause a bad carburizing result. That is: every control parameter of furnace looks like good, but there are some problem inside of furnace protecting atmosphere which is” sick”.
At this time, we need check all the symptoms of the “sick” and do the troubleshooting one by one based on it to find the “sick cause ”。
Furnace atmosphere analysis is that ideal way to get the” sick cause”.
By sampling and analysis CO%, CO2% and CH4% check to see that the basic gas composition is as expected. For endo gas basic atmosphere instance, CO% should be around 20%; CH4% should be less than 1% 。

Usually, stable and constant composition atmosphere is the guarantee of process control and parts quality. We can find the failure such as gas meters and valves; sensors of control system and pipe leak and so on by gas composition analysis, eventually solve the recipe problem in process control.